Ottawa Walleye Fishing        


Dows Lake

Petrie Island

Eccolands Park


Mississippi Lake

Bate Island

New Edinburgh Park

Victoria Island

Mooney’s Bay

Billings Bridge



Anglers will find that jigging is an excellent technique for Ottawa walleye. Spinning gear, with 6 to 8-pound-test mono or braid equivalent, should do the trick. Bucktail jigs, standard twistertails, and tubes are excellent choices, with chartreuse, pink, white, black and perch being the recommended hues. Tip jigs with minnows or crawlers for added bites, and rig plastics weedless when fishing around heavy vegetation.

Crankbaits also work well, with the nod given to slender-style baits in the 3.5 to 5-inch length. Cast or troll these lures around likely walleye haunts, and stick with silver, shad, perch and chartreuse colours for best results.

Ottawa River – Walleye or Sauger

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