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Ottawa Panfish Fishing        

Dows Lake

Petrie Island

Eccolands Park


Mississippi Lake

Bate Island

New Edinburgh Park

Victoria Island

Mooney’s Bay

Billings Bridge



Ultralight spinning gear, coupled with 4-pound-test line, is the best set-up for targeting panfish. Whether it be crappie, perch, ‘gills, or sunfish, micro tubes suspended under slip floats will always bring in the fish. Pink, white, red and brown are time-tested colours.

Tinsel jigs are a personal favourite of mine here in Ottawa, with silver and gold hues producing best. A portion of worm on a single hook will always work, and will have you feeling like a kid again.

Mini crankbaits will also work well on pannies, and can be deadly when twitched subtlety on the surface.

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