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Adjacent to the Champlain Bridge, Bate Island is accessible by taking Island Park Drive or the Ottawa River Parkway. The NCC bicycle path will also bring you right to this spot.

Situated on the Ottawa River, this small island park offers the shore angler many options. Smallmouth bass are the main quarry here, where they reside in the fast-flowing currents and slack water. Heavy jigs, crankbaits and topwaters all have their place. Fly fishers are also a common sight at Bate Island, preferring to toss streamers and poppers to these acrobatic fish. Bring a pair of waders in order to work the water more thoroughly. Quieter water can be found at the east end of the island.

There are ample parking spots for those wishing to drive, with benches available that make for excellent lunch stops.

Canoes can be launched at a narrow sand opening on the north side of the island. By working below the rapids in a boat, walleye, bass, pike, catfish and panfish can all be caught. Take extreme care when working a boat, or wading in and around the fast water. The currents can be strong here and should always be respected.

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